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(Not strictly e-learning, however one of our best projects to demonstrate our training skills.)

The brief:

The challenge for H&M and other retailers is that the young people they employ have very little interest in Health, Safety and Security. Our challenge was to find a device that would hook them in.

The process:

We took a few weeks to come up with three ideas to present back to H&M and they picked our favourite - Lance McGonegonegal! An American ex-cop who takes it all a little too seriously. Using the ‘America’s Wildest Car Chases’ format, we took a mix of “real life footage with real life re-construction” and then shot interviews with staff around the country.

The result: 

A standing ovation when the two films were first shown to a test audience in the flagship store on Oxford Circus and a character that developed in to a communications device in H&M staff rooms up and down the country.