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We produce content that does more for you - because it’s developed to get people talking. We use a variety of digital platforms so people can feed back to you and share their thoughts and you can check they’ve understood your communication.

So while our films transmit your message effectively, we also give you the means to evaluate. This gives you massive agility in how ideas can be shared between you and your audience.

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What we do

insitu is a digital media agency which specialises in the creation of video, e-learning, webcasts and events.

We've had an amazing decade, building up a wealth of knowledge and experience that gives our clients excellent production values and service without a lot of the complication and cost normally associated with film-making and other digital production.

We're here to turn your messages into concise, smart communications that engage your audience in language they understand and a medium they'll like to share. We’re never short of ideas and we’re committed to involving you at every stage of the process.

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How we got here

insitu began life by adopting new technology to offer a more agile video production service, delivering on-site, or in-situ. The smart application of digital production technology has been our guiding principle ever since.

Having grown side-by-side with social technology, the group we are today reflects our evolution. Our Producers offer decades of experience and know-how in creating effective films and live events, while our team of young ‘digital natives’ glide effortlessly between platforms, amplifying your message in the social space. This gives our clients a perfect blend of innovation and experience.

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